Lines Guys Should Avoid When Online Dating

With online dating having sky-rocketed in popularity, suddenly we find ourselves with many more options. And even more than that, females on dating sites tend to receive hundreds of messages from males. The goal is to have the female see your response.

Females generally like to chat online prior to meeting, regardless of her intentions in a relationship (casual, long-term, friends only, etc). Do not expect to jump the gun and meet the female the same day. They tend to take some warming up to. Start out with a message and try to get to know her as best you can. For example, do not ask someone to meet up as a first message. Use the first message as a way to introduce yourself, say what you like about her profile, and reach out. As a matter of fact there many lines guys should avoid, online dating is even more sensible to appropriate messages.

The message you send says a lot about you, and may be the reason the female responds or doesn't respond to your message. For example, avoid overly general messages (Hey, what's up? or Hey Beautiful) and try to put some thoughtful content into your message, try to stand out in a good way. Actually read her profile and refer to something she has mentioned in her profile. Find some common ground and use that as a conversation starter. For example, if she lists a favorite book that you have read, show interest and ask a question about the plot. This is a great way to start a conversation as it shows the female you were paying attention to her profile, actually read through it, and that you have similar interests.

Be up front about your expectations, although do not overload the female with any type of oversexualized messages. Females tend to dislike "dirty talk" especially if she does not have a rapport going with you. Overly sexual messages will more than likely only get your blocked or ignored at the least. If a friends with benefit situation is what you are seeking, be sure to to ask her if she is also seeking a similar relationship. Do not wait until you are about to meet in person to discuss these important expectations. People use online dating for a variety of purposes: for short-term relationships, long-term relationships, friends with benefits, and other purposes. Do not assume the female is looking for the same type of relationship you are.

Avoid any type of cliché while sending messages over online dating websites. If you were a female, would you appreciate someone telling you "Do your feet hurt? Because you've been running through my mind all day"? The short answer is no. Be genuine, read her profile carefully, and try and catch her attention without being overly sexual or using clichés. The more you stand out (in a good way!), the more likely the female will respond to you and give you a chance. When you know which lines guys should avoid online dating becomes easy.

Posted by admin - 04/17/2016