Several Things You Can Do to Prime yourself

With the ever growing popularity of dating websites becoming more and more prevalent, it is also becoming more and more difficult to find that perfect someone through the heavily populated dating pools of these sites. However, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure that you are making the most out of your online dating membership and not just wasting your money. It might be an easy and fun process, but there are several things you can do to prime yourself for a better chance at finding that special someone. Here are a few tips for succeeding in the internet world:

1. Focus on the main profile picture
Your profile picture is the first thing someone will notice when they visit your page. We are visual creatures, and the more visually appealing a picture is the more drawn to the profile we will be. That's why it's important to put considerable effort into picking the right profile picture for your main page. Choose a picture that is clear and looks as though it was taken with a quality camera. Flattering lighting is also a plus, as well as pictures that showcase your fun and active side rather than a professional, stuffy photo.

2. Be interesting and thoughtful
No one wants to read through a profile that is generic and lacks a sense of sincerity. The best way to demonstrate sincerity is to write your bio in a conversational and fun tone that shows that you don't take yourself too seriously. Add in some quirky and interesting details about you that a potential match can ask about when they send you a message. Show that you've put some thought into your profile rather than writing in the same old general information as it'll show that you're committed and sincere.

3. Send that first message
Don't sit back and simply wait for other people to do the work. If you find someone who you genuinely are interested in finding more about, don't be afraid to send that first message. Make sure your message is thoughtful and pertains to what you've read about in their profile, showing that you have interest in learning more about that person will increase the likelihood of them answering. Also, don't be overly forward or flirtatious in the first message as they may not take you seriously or genuinely.

4. Don't be overly critical
Just like you don't want to have absolutely no standards when choosing a potential match, you don't want to be overly critical of your matches either. Ease up a bit on your long list of requirements, and don't immediately forgo someone if they don't meet up to your stringent list of expectations. Not everyone is perfect, and as long as they seem to be genuine and interesting people it doesn't hurt to get to know them a bit before completely disregarding them. Remaining open minded is one of the key tips to leading a successful dating life.

Posted by admin - 06/15/2015