Top 5 Dating Sites Design and Layout

Website Review Of Eharmorny.Com. is a dating site which helps match single people so that they can find a partner. This site is easy to use and has a very good appeal to any user. The background is colorful and unique. The website has a very good layout, and the design is clean, attractive and compelling. Any user who gets into the site for the purpose of finding a partner will be definitely is convinced that he has come to the right place.

The person behind the website, his name is Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He is the founder of eHarmony. He is a clinical psychologist and has also authored eight books on love.

The site has a column where every single person that visits the site for the first time will update his particulars so as to get a single person that suits his taste. The column is called 'check your matches free.' Bellow the website you will find testimonies of those who have meet partners as a result of the good work that eHarmony have been doing over the years.

The website is also on Twitter, Facebook and has a channel on YouTube. It is professionally designed.

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It has a touch of class and elegance. The design meets the purpose for which it was done. This site is truly world class. It does not only have to do with match making of single people, but it also enlightens them and gives them tips on how to succeed in the relationship.

A user who visits the site for the first time has a column where he or she will impute his or her details. Some of this personal data include the person's name, his gender whether or she is interested in a woman or man. Then on the side upper right there is a column for an individual who wants to be a member to login in for members.

The site also has a column where it gives people tips on how to move on where their past relationship did not work out. It has other lovely contents that are written to enlighten the user on relationship. The colors used are brilliant. has an application that can be downloaded and used on smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. You can also find the site on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

The sites design is very consistent and is clean. It also loads quite fast and it is easy to navigate the site.

Website review on is well-designed dating site. It is catchy and appealing. It has a video streaming on the background of the page. It is very colorful and has a lovely outline.

Its layout is accurate; the color choice is very uniquely chosen. The right-hand side of the page has a column for intending members to affix their personal details. Some of the personal information include name, gender, email, and date of birth.

The contents of the page are placed in very good positions. The user will definitely not find it difficult to use to site. The site is quite straightforward. I would advise that some other interesting contents should be added to the site. That will give the user a better fill.

The site loads quite fast and it can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. More colors added to the site will be excellent. The fonts used are perfect and it also makes the site attractive and easy for any user to read. The designers were professional and chose beautiful images to give the user an excellent experience.

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This a beautifully designed dating site for persons who are over 50. The site promises to be a nice experience for any user. It has a video streaming where a woman gives you and insert about what the site is all about. The video is interesting to watch but it is constantly repeated. I believe that the video should not have been repeated rather another video should also would been have created also to explain the same thing but in a different way.

The layout is certainly easy to use. The design for the site suits the purpose of the website. It has a way of appealing to any user. It is straight forward and self-explanatory to any user.

There no much graphic designs but I believe that the designers should have done more in this regard to add more elegance to the website. The site loads perfectly well. Its quite fast and has contents that are appropriately placed to make it easier to use. The font and the sizes are well chosen. The design has a professional touch to it.

The site has a warm and welcoming feeling to it. It is indeed classic and is well done.

Website Review on

It is a dating site with wonderful layout. The color combination is truly magical. The color is attractive and has a touch of elegance. It is easy to use and every user will not find it difficult no matter their level when it has to do with using the internet.

The site truly has beautiful pictures that are well positioned. The contents are beautifully outlined and make it easy for the user to navigate through the website. The fonts are excellent but I have a problem with the sizes. Some are too big while orders are a little bit too small. The designers created a site that truly despite the purpose of the site.

The site seems not to load so well but I may believe it has to do with the individual network. If the designers can look at this it will help users to access the site easily faster. When a site is difficult to load it discourages users who want to make use of the site.

Overall the site is well designed and is beautiful. The site should also add more contents.

Posted by admin - 07/15/2016