Top 7 Popular Unique Niche Dating Sites

With millions of people in the world having access to the internet world, there are many different kinds of popular dating sites out there for a variety of different types of people. Whether you're specifically looking for someone who is the same religion as you, a certain race, or simply someone who happens to be a vegetarian, there are plenty of popular niche dating sites where you can find your ideal soul mate based on the specific criteria that you set. On top of that, there are many websites that cater to a person's specific interests or preferences. With the internet industry booming, dating websites are becoming more and more popular on the web. Here are some of the most interesting niche online dating websites:

1. Veggie Date
Veggie Date is specifically tailored towards the vegetarianism lifestyle and the people that embrace it. It serves as a safe haven for vegetarians to share their values with other like-minded people from all over, forming possible connections and relationships along the way. The site launched in 1999 and has around 13,000 members and is continually growing.

2. Gluten Free Singles
Another site based on what you eat, Gluten Free Singles is for those who live a gluten free lifestyle either for health reasons or by choice. The site will help you find the right partner with whom you share similar passions and diet choices.

3. ALikeWise
At ALikeWise, members are matched based on their literary interests. This is an popular dating site for individuals who are particularly book savvy and enjoy just cozying up with a good book. Here you can find your dream literary companion.

4. Passions Network
Passions Network is a unique in that it includes 206 niche dating websites within it along with its 2,700,000 users. It began as a dating directory in 2002 and soon expanded, including a network of a variety of niche dating sites as well as standalone websites, eventually including super specific sites such as Stache Passions and Pirate Passions.

5. Equestrian Cupid
This website caters to an exclusive community for horse loving singles who are looking to connect based on their shared equestrian passions.

6. DarwinDating
DarwinDating is a site aimed at the 18-35 year old crowd only and claims to have been created for attractive people who are at a disadvantage on normal ones. The sites' strict rules and natural selection process attempts to make it simpler for attractive people to match with other who have the same level of attractiveness.

7. Tattooed Singles
Tattooed Singles is exactly what it sounds. The site's purpose is to allow those passionate about body art to connect with other women and men that share the same passion. Singles with tattoos are able to connect through the site and form a relationship over their common interest in the body art world.

Posted by admin - 06/15/2015